Additional Services & Programs

Dyersburg Electric System offers several programs to help you control the cost of your electric bill.


Dyersburg Electric System offers cash incentives to builders of all electric homes built to the standards of TVA’s EnergyRight™ Program.  Homebuilders can access a suite of new HVAC and water heating equipment incentives through Dyersburg Electric System and the TVA EnergyRight™ New Homes Program. Incentives are available for all-electric homes and homes with gas appliances.  The program helps homebuilders purchase energy efficient technology, increasing the marketability of their new builds.  (This program is for homebuilders only.)

Residential Services Program

Dyersburg Electric System and TVA EnergyRight™ are here to help you make smart decisions about your home's energy use.  Our resources make improving your home's energy efficiency easier.  Learn what upgrades your home needs to be its most energy efficient by completing a home energy evaluation with a Home Energy Advisor, hire TVA-approved contractors to complete your home energy upgrades, apply for financing for qualifying home upgrades, take our free DIY Home Energy Assessment and more.

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TVA Green

Green Switch for Residential or Business + Industry

For as little as an additional $2 a month, you can support wind, solar and biomass renewable resources, and breathe a little easier knowing you're taking positive action to reduce your carbon footprint.  Each $2 block purchase ensures that 200 kilowatt-hours of your electricity consumption is renewable.

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Green Flex for Business + Industry 

Looking for an easy and affordable way to meet your carbon reduction goals? Your business can make a big impact by supporting large-scale wind generation through the Green Flex program.  When you purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs), your business can reduce the impact of electricity consumption, support renewable energy and become a leader in sustainability.

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Dispersed Power Production Program for Residential or Business + Industry

The Dispersed Power Production (DPP) program allows you to produce or co-generate renewable energy and sell all or excess generation to TVA.

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Outdoor lights are available to provide comfort and lighting to your property. Dyersburg Electric System will provide a utility pole, light, and maintenance for an installation fee and a small monthly fee. We also offer custom designed lighting plans for your business which can be installed through Dyersburg Electric System’s lease option with no money down.


The Plus One program allows you to add one dollar to your monthly utility bill to help others who are unable to pay their heating or cooling bills. The money is collected by the Dyersburg Electric System and paid to the Dyer County Union Mission and Matthew 25:40 where it is combined with other funds to help needy customers pay their bills. Please ask our cashiers for an application if you wish to help others through this program.


We also offer a levelized billing plan to reduce the fluctuations in your bill. This plan allows your bill to gradually change each month by averaging the past twelve months.


You can help us improve and maintain the reliability of your electric service by allowing us to trim trees on your property that interfere with the electric lines. With your permission we will remove the tree, including the stump, if the tree interferes with primary electric lines. At your request we will replace the tree with your choice of an ornamental tree from our approved selection.


We can bring your business into the future with our dark fiber optical network.  Leasing our dark fiber gives your business reliable and high speed access between locations on our system.  Contact Alan Davis at 731-287-4609 for more fiber network information.


Contact (731) 287-4600 for Additional Details and Information.