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Customer Account Access

Inquiring or paying your bill online is easy and convenient.  Before you can take advantage of our online Account

Access, you must first set up your online account profile.  You will need your account number which can be found on

the top left side of your bill.

Setting up your profile is easy ...

 1. On our Home Page, click "Pay Bill online" in the top right corner of the screen.  This will take you to our "Customer

Service Portal".

 2. Under the "Create New User" tab, complete and submit the information to create your online account profile.

Now you can make online payments or inquiries .....

 1. To make payments using the "Customer Service Portal" click the "Payments" tab.

 2. To make inquiries on payments and billing history, click the "My Account" tab.


Per our vendor, a convenience fee of $3.95 will be added to any debit or credit card transaction up to $300.00.  An additional $3.95 will be charged for all transactions over $300.00 with a transaction ceiling of $1500.00.  No convenience fee for E-Check transactions.




Contact (731) 287-4600 for Additional Details and Information.